Open tub of marshmallow fluff
17 Creative Ways To Use Marshmallow Fluff
Cold Foam
Adding marshmallow fluff to the cold foam in your coffee helps to create a fluffy topping for the drink, leaving you with a sweetness in every sip.
Mixing marshmallow fluff into cold foam makes it thicker and more durable. Add flavor with ingredients like cinnamon, vanilla, or cocoa powder.
Favorite Pie
Marshmallow fluff can provide a beautiful layer to your next pie. Spread it all over the top
of a pie or add a dollop to
each slice.
You can also try mixing it directly into the batter, making this a great hack for pies that call for marshmallows since you don't have to place them on the pie individually.
Dip Ice Cream Cones
Dip your ice cream cone in chocolate, then use a knife to spread the marshmallow fluff onto the top half of the cone.
Since it's a sticky base, you can dust on some sprinkles, chopped peanuts, toffee bits, or anything that will make you feel like
you got the cone from an
ice cream parlor.
Add To Fudge
Adding marshmallow fluff to fudge can transform the taste and texture of rich fudge, giving it a velvety quality without being overly dense.
Upgrade Frosting
Use marshmallow fluff as an unexpected ingredient for better buttercream frosting. Fluff helps the buttercream frosting maintain its shape.
The combination of buttercream with fluff makes a lighter frosting, which helps with the spreadability. The fluff also gives a bit of that scrumptious marshmallow taste.