A tub of cool whip
17 Clever Ways To Make Use Of Cool Whip
With the help of cream of tartar, you can turn Cool Whip into frosting. First, defrost
your Cool Whip, then combine one 8-ounce tub with
¼ teaspoon of cream of tartar.
An electric or stand mixer will help ensure that your powder
is well-distributed throughout the frosting. Add extracts like vanilla, almond, or orange
for a burst of taste.
Sub For Heavy Cream
With some creativity, you can use Cool Whip as an easy, sweet alternative to heavy cream in some of your favorite recipes.
You'll need to use about 2 cups
of Cool Whip for every cup of heavy cream. Although it can't work for every recipe, it can
add lightness and fluffiness
to your favorite desserts.
No-Bake Pudding
For no-bake banana pudding, fill a container with sweetened cream cheese, instant pudding mix, milk, layers of vanilla wafer cookies, banana slices, and Cool Whip.
Cool Whip is a must-have for banana pudding because
it contrasts the richness of
the pudding and the subtle
tang of the cream cheese.
Cool Whip Pie
Cool Whip is an essential ingredient for no-bake pie recipes because it keeps the filling light and fluffy and prevents you from having to do too much mixing.
Jell-O Fluff
To make Jell-O Fluff, cook
your favorite Jell-O powder with instant pudding. Once
the entire mixture has set
in the fridge, whip it with
your Cool Whip.