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17 Caffeine-Free Starbucks Drinks, Ranked
This lemonade is not what you'd expect from the staple summer drink. It's pretty watered down and has stark acidity with no lemon tang or sweetness.
Steamed Milk
We sampled the default option of 2% steamed milk. While it did make us sleepy like folk remedies claim, and the foam was enjoyable, the drink beneath was unpleasant.
Passion Tea Lemonade
We ordered light ice to assess this drink’s flavor better, but it still seemed watered down. Unless you enjoy the taste of pure citric acid, pass on this combo.
Hot White Chocolate
Starbucks’ hot white chocolate initially reveals a white chocolate flavor, but it vanishes soon. It seems bland despite having 41 grams of sugar in a tall cup.
White Chocolate Frappuccino
This underwhelming drink is basically rapidly melting iced milk with lots of sugar, almost no flavor, and a pesky oiliness from dissolving whipped cream.