Bowl of egg salad with pesto, beans, sour cream, and ghee on the side
16 Ways To Make Egg Salad While Skipping The Mayo
Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is having a culinary moment, and it’s perfectly at home in egg salad. Blend it until smooth and then mix it in for a creamy texture and mild flavor.
Packed with protein, potassium phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin A, cottage cheese not only makes egg salad healthier but gives it a richness and helps the salad stick together.
White Beans
Like cottage cheese, white beans offer plenty of protein. When mashed, they add a decadently creamy consistency to dishes like egg salad.
You can use any white beans such as navy beans, great Northern, cannellini, or baby lima beans. Cook and blend them for the smoothest consistency, then add to your egg salad.
If you’re looking for a lighter, tangy egg salad, try swapping mayo for vinaigrette, which adds a bright flavor while helping the components stick together.
Start with oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper, and then add any additional aromatics you want like shallots, garlic, poblano peppers, orange zest, or crushed spices.
Pesto might seem like an untraditional pairing for egg salad, but the zesty sauce adds a bold flavor and creamy consistency to the dish.
You can use store-bought or homemade pesto, both of which will add a rich, herbal, nutty flavor to the egg salad with a vibrant green hue.
Ranch Dressing
If you’re a fan of ranch dressing, you probably already think it belongs on everything, so try adding it to your egg salad for a rich, zesty flavor.
However, note that most ranch dressings contain mayonnaise, but unlike plain mayo, ranch is packed with seasonings and aromatics, ensuring your egg salad is even richer.