Open can of clams on a white background
16 Uses For Canned Clams
Canned clams are pre-cooked, which makes them perfect for topping a fast-cooking dish like a pizza. They can work great for a white clam pizza or a frutti de mare pie.
Clam dip is one of the most straightforward uses for canned clams. Since they are pre-cooked in the canning process, they can go straight from the can to the bowl.
When using canned clams for linguine, you won't have to pick through shells while you eat or worry about thoroughly cleaning the clams in their shells.
Canned clams make a quick, delicious dish when put on toast. Top a thick slice of hearty bread, like sourdough, with canned clams and aromatics for a simple lunch.
Clam chowder is one of the most popular uses for canned clams. You won’t have to worry about sandy shells, and you can add them right at the end since they’re pre-cooked.
Keep in mind that most chowder recipes call for both the canned clams and their liquid, so be sure to pick a variety of clams that come packed in brine.