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16 Unique Pies Across The US
Mock apple pie
Out of the many American pies that deserve more attention, mock apple pie is one of the most unique, created during the Great Depression. Since fruit wasn’t widely available, Ritz Crackers invented and popularized this recipe using crackers, cream of tartar, sugar, lemon, cinnamon, crust, and butter or margarine.
White potato pie
This is a classic Maryland dessert also known as an Eastern Shore pie, and was likely invented to use up the plentiful harvests from potato crops. Eggs, sugar, nutmeg, butter, cream, and vanilla transform a plate of mashed potatoes into a sweet and creamy pie, and it’s not unusual to find lemon or raisins added.
Chocolate haupia pie
From Hawaii, this pie is made using haupia, a gelatinous sweet made with coconut milk that often comes in bite-sized pieces. Chocolate haupia pie typically consists of a flaky pie crust topped with a layer of chocolate pudding, then covered in a towering heap of haupia and then chilled, not baked.
Funeral pie
This pie originated as a staple of funeral spreads in the 1800s among Pennsylvania's Amish and Mennonite communities. Though many variations exist, basic versions use raisins, sugar, butter, lemon, and spices, creating a sticky filling similar to mincemeat, and always includes a double crust with a lattice top.
Fried pie
More of a fried pocket than a pie, fried pie is common in Southern states, particularly in Appalachian areas. It can be made with an endless variety of fillings (fruit, nut, chocolate, coconut, etc.) and various types of pastries, allowing you to customize your crust to be either crumbly, flaky, thick, or thin.