Halved tomato sandwich surrounded by bowls of ingredients like hummus and pesto
16 Tomato Sandwich Additions For A Way Better Meal
Hummus is a creamy spread made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, and olive oil. Its earthy flavor makes it an ideal pairing to enhance tomato flavors and add nutrition.
Though shop-bought hummus is delicious, a tasty, homemade version is also easy to make. Its high fiber and protein content makes hummus an excellent choice for plant-based diets.
Coleslaw’s crunchy, creamy texture and the tanginess of vinegar and mayo complement tomato flavors well. Use regular coleslaw or swap in carrot slaw for extra sweetness.
Assemble your sandwich by spreading mayo on one slice of bread, layering thickly-sliced tomato rings on top, then piling the coleslaw high before adding the second slice of bread.
Goat Cheese
With its distinctive, fresh taste, goat cheese is an ideal tomato sandwich addition. Including a few slices of the creamiest varieties will enhance the tomato flavors.
Spreadable, herb-infused goat cheeses can be used in place of your usual mayonnaise. Adding fresh basil leaves to the sandwich will add a burst of zingy herbiness to its flavor.
A tomato and bacon sandwich makes an ideal balanced, satisfying snack. Bacon’s crunchy smokiness perfectly complements the tomato flavors and textures.
To create your sandwich, cook the bacon until crispy, then drain it well to prevent sogginess. Use thick-cut bread and place the bacon on top of seasoned tomatoes and mayonnaise.
Cream Cheese
Cream cheese adds a luscious base to a tomato sandwich, and its mild flavor can be enhanced with stronger ingredients like black pepper, fresh herbs, or chili flakes.
To construct the perfect sandwich, smear cream cheese on both slices of bread. Add large, ripe tomato slices as the filling. Optionally, include diced red onion for a sharper note.