A chef puts the finishing touches on a steak to be served at a restaurant
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16 Steakhouse Red Flags That Should Make You Turn Around
1. It's A Ghost Town When You Go
The number of cars in the parking lot is your first impression of a quality steakhouse. Consider going elsewhere if it's empty on a Friday or Saturday during prime dinner time.
2. Service Is Slow And Unfriendly
Going out to pay top dollar for a tasty steak is about more than just food; it's an experience. Your server should be prompt, attentive, and genuinely friendly.
Quality steakhouse managers take pride in hiring employees that are a good fit and also train them well. Slow and unfriendly service is a mark of an improperly-managed spot.
3. The Bathrooms Are Unkept And Gross
You won't be able to check kitchen cleanliness, but if the restroom is glimmering clean, it's a good indicator that managers care and keep other parts of the restaurant spotless, too.
4. Your Server Is Not Knowledgeable About Cuts Of Steak
It is essential that servers are well-versed in the menu and can answer your questions about cuts of steak, marbling, the cooking method, and the types of seasoning.
Your server doesn't need to be a culinary expert, but lesser steakhouses might have workers who haven't been carefully trained and properly introduced to the food they're serving.
5. The Steaks Are Far Too Cheap
The price of a steak dish is a good indicator of the meat's quality, and the menu might proudly advertise the use of prime-grade beef with a high price to match.
A low price like $10 per steak probably indicates poor-quality beef masked with seasoning. A price that seems rather low for "prime" beef is also likely too good to be true.