Pile of candy
16 Popular Sugar-Free Candies, Ranked Worst To Best
16. Life Savers Mints
Life Savers Pep-O-Mint Sugar Free Mints are the only candy on this list that contains aspartame, which has greatly fallen out of favor.
Of all the candy we tried, these had the worst flavor. It was mintier than other brands but not nearly as much as the original, and it had a heavy artificial flavor.
15. Fruit Chews
Russell Stover’s sugar-free fruit chews were lacking. Sugar is essential to provide the right taste and consistency, and these are sweetened with maltitol syrup.
While most flavors had a decent taste (except strawberry), the candy had a strong stevia flavor and an unpleasant aftertaste. At nearly $10 a bag, we do not recommend it.
14. Chocolate Peanut Gems
Russell Stover’s sugar-free peanut gems lacked either a rich chocolatey or nutty flavor and had an aftertaste. They had a hefty price for the low quality.
13. Red Twists
SmartSweets' Red Twists contain allulose and stevia as sweeteners. They were less firm than expected and weren't too sweet compared to the conventional counterparts.
There was a slight and unique aftertaste, almost a little like sour candy flavor, so we could not put as high up on the list as we would have liked.
12. York
In the sugar-free York Peppermint Patty, the mint flavor is mild, bordering on bland. The chocolate shell had a good taste, but overall, it was not as satisfying as the original.