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16 Popular Groceries That Have Been Hit By Shrinkflation
Shrinkflation occurs when the size of a product shrinks, but the price stays the same. Reddit users claim the DiGiorno pizza and box are smaller while prices have risen.
DiGiorno does not appear to have addressed the accusation. With competitive pricing for a much larger pie from delivery pizza chains, you may want to call in your next pizza order.
The two-pack Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have gone from 1.6 to 1.5 ounces. This change was first reported in 2011, but Reese's is still available in larger or smaller sizes.
Tillamook is one of the few companies that openly admits to having downsized its ice cream packaging from 56 to 48 ounces. Despite this, we still recommend it.
The brand was upfront with consumers about the new ice cream sizes, as dropping the package size seemed a more sensible option than raising the price.
General Mills Family Size
General Mills downsized its Family Size cereal boxes for several brands. Cocoa Puffs are now 18.1 ounces instead of 19.3 ounces — one less bowl per box.
With Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the cereal only dropped from 19.3 to 18.8 ounces, and its new Family Size is priced the same as the former Large Size, except with less cereal.
Shane Ransonet complained to the Wall Street Journal that the standard Oreo cookies had less cream filling while the Double Stuf variety looked like regular Oreos.
CEO Dirk Van de Put disputed the claim, saying that manufacturing irregularities may be the cause. So far, we find the Oreo shrinkage claims unsubstantiated.