Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey bottle on dark background
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16 Popular Flavored Whiskeys, Ranked
16. Pumking
Even if you love pumpkin, it's hard to deny that Southern Tier Pumking whiskey is too pumpkin-flavored, and the alcohol gets lost in the overload of pumpkin pie spices and graham crackers. A good flavored whiskey has clear flavors that still don't overpower the liquor, and this one doesn’t fit the bill.
15. Dough Ball
Something is jarring about the combination of cookie dough and whiskey in a bottle of Dough Ball. This is more of a dessert than a stiff drink, so while it can work as a mixer or an ingredient in sweets, it packs a powerfully sweet punch that makes it way too overpowering when sipped on its own.
14. Jameson Cold Brew
An Irish coffee drink will give you the warmth of whiskey cloaked in creamy coffee, but Jameson's Cold Brew is a less successful coffee-whiskey combo. It has so much coffee in it that you fear it might leave grounds in your mouth, and there's not much sweetness or richness to temper the ashy flavor.
13. EW Kentucky Cider
Evan Williams Kentucky Cider is bottled at a dismal 34 proof and is part whiskey, part apple cider liqueur, which makes it more like a weak apple liqueur than what you might expect from a proper whiskey. It's apple pie-like and doesn't taste terrible, but it doesn't taste like whiskey, either.
12. Fireball
Fireball is just 66 proof, well below the strength of an actual whiskey, and it tastes more like a hot cinnamon candy than the actual spice of cinnamon. Mouthfeel also stands out with Fireball, since it has the smooth, silky texture of a liqueur rather than a whiskey-like feel, betraying its true colors.