Pizza with mozzarella, chicken, catupiry and oregano
16 Of The Best Spots For Pizza In Buffalo
Daddio's Pizza is a top one-stop shop for Buffalo locals to grab a slice, a frosty cold beer, and hot, fresh wings, which are served amid a fun, laid-back ambiance and bar.
They specialize in traditional Buffalo-style large pepperoni pie, complete with fluffy dough and exactly a pound of fresh mozzarella coating nearly the entire pizza.
Since the '90s, Lovejoy has served locals authentic slices done right, with just the right amount of cheese and loads of pepperoni that makes them one of the city's best.
You can enhance your pizza from Lovejoy's with free crust additions — including garlic, onion, poppy, hot pepper, and Cajun — and a variety of toppings.
Macy's Place
Macy's Place brings unconventional slices to multiple areas in the city, where you can choose from over 50 varieties of pizzas or mix-and-match toppings.
You can enjoy some specialty pies under the "fun stuff" section of the menu, including a 90s-themed Buffalo-style pizza dubbed "Nick at Nite," or a pizza topped with crab rangoons.
Olisi's boasts one of the best New York City-style pizzas outside the Big Apple, serving a chewy, thin crust and fresh toppings, but they do come with a hefty price tag.
Try Olisi's Bruschetta pie, made with dark red tomatoes and flavorful herbs, or if you prefer meat, try the Stinger: a pie topped with steak and chicken fingers.
Bocce has been popular in Western New York cuisine for over 75 years, serving pies reminiscent of focaccia bread, with heaps of cheese and toppings that spill off the edges.
The Buffalo-style pepperoni on these pies has a light char and classic concave appearance. Its secret-recipe pizza sauce has a Buffalo-style sweetness with a hint of heat and tang.