a cup of hot chocolate
16 Hot Chocolates From Popular Chain Coffee Shops, Ranked
16. Panera Bread
While this drink promises a big flavor, it's watery rather than milky, and it has an odd, almost alcoholic aftertaste that may be the result of artificial syrup.
The caramel drizzle might as well have been forgotten since there are no caramel notes in the drink. At more than $4 a pop after tax, this drink leaves much to be desired.
15. Atlanta Bread Company
At $4.53 after tax, this Southern-based chain's hot chocolate derived a majority of its flavor from Ghirardelli syrup, and the texture was milky and thin.
14. Scooter’s Coffee
This hot chocolate lacks flavor, with the chocolate syrup being barely detectable. The drink has the perfect sipping temperature despite its watery consistency.
Unfortunately, at over $4, this drink doesn't feel worth the price tag. Instead, try the brand's praline or pumpkin variations, or their signature Caramelicious caramel latte.
13. Starbucks
The drink is just okay, on par with a homemade cup of packaged hot cocoa. The major problem is the drink was nearly cold despite being made to order.
The room-temperature beverage combined with a thin consistency and barely-there packaged hot cocoa flavor is worth skipping.
12. Dancing Goats
Overall, this hot chocolate is an enjoyable beverage that would certainly warm you up on a chilly day with its pleasant temperature and subtle chocolate flavor.
While it isn't decadent, this drink will hit the spot if you want to support a business with a mission. However, prices will be higher, at about $4.25 for a small cup.