Baked beans in a dark pot with a wooden utensil
16 Creative Uses For Canned Baked Beans
Pizza Topping
Baked beans with creamy cheese and tangy tomato sauce make for a delicious combo. The beans are super versatile and can work with various pizza toppings and styles.
The beans can be spread evenly across the surface of a pie, with a touch of the juice from the can mixed into the marinara sauce to deliver a subtle barbeque flavor.
Canned beans provide brownies with a boost of fiber and nutrients while lowering the fat content. Thanks to their dark color, they won't stand out in your brownies.
Simply blend your beans with a splash of water using a traditional or immersion blender, then substitute half of the fat in your brownie recipe with the bean concoction.
The richness of baked beans makes pineapple pop with flavor, and the vibrant color of pineapple acts as a nice contrast to the brown beans, making them a great combo.
Along with taste and appearance, the pineapple's texture is another valuable asset in baked beans. When diced into chunks, it creates soft and fragrant bursts of juicy flavor.
Burger Topping
Combined with coleslaw, beans make a perfect burger topping. Beans add a rich depth that complements a burger’s char, while coleslaw contributes tang and creaminess.
For this combo, avoid using store-bought coleslaw and opt for making a batch using fresh, crisp cabbage and a delicious homemade dressing.
Sliced Sausage
A can of baked beans, some savory sausage, and a simple blend of Cajun spices can create a dish packed with the flavors of Louisiana in the comfort of your home.
For a close-to-authentic experience, try using Southern andouille sausage. With its rich blend of spices, the sausage transforms the beans into a meal full of complex flavors.