Cranberry orange crush cocktail with cranberry garnish
16 Cocktails That Don't Need Top-Shelf Liquor
Moscow Mule
The bold flavors of the ingredients mixed into a Moscow mule make it very hard to discern the vodka flavor, so opting for an expensive, high-quality vodka is a waste.
The ginger beer, sugar, mint, and lime give the drink a big kick with a combination of sweet, sour, and slightly spicy ingredients. The vodka is mostly there to give you a buzz.
Cuba Libre
The Cuba libre is a combination of rum and Coca-Cola. The soda’s sweet taste and fizzy feel blend perfectly with regular rum, so there’s no need to splurge.
Gin And Tonic
Many cheaper gin options tend to be higher quality than most other liquors, so you’ll already be getting something that works perfectly well in a gin and tonic.
Vodka Cranberry
In this cocktail, the sweet, fruity, and slightly sour taste of cranberry juice often covers up almost any trace of vodka flavor, so cheaper vodka works perfectly.
In a screwdriver, the taste of an acidic fruit juice like OJ will completely disguise the strong alcohol content of the vodka, making pricey vodka a waste.