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16 Best Rums For Mojitos, Ranked From Worst To Best
Captain Morgan White
While a standard bottle of Captain Morgan belongs in every bar, its White Rum is insanely sweet and it doesn’t bring much else to your mojito. And forget about the brand's other rums, which are too dark and spiced for a light cocktail.
Appleton Estate White
Unlike other Jamaican rums, Appleton is somewhat basic and tends to rely on a flat sweetness, failing to bring an alcoholic kick. Its taste is sure to fade into the background of a mojito, so try it in a rum and coke instead.
Rhum Barbancourt
This cane sugar juice-based white rum comes from Haiti, and offers a sweet and earthy edge. While it does work for a mojito, its low complexity and less potent flavor makes it more suited as a cheaper back-up option.
The Real McCoy
Coming from a company that originated during the prohibition era, the legacy of this brand is stronger than their 3-year-old white rum’s generic and forgettable flavor. We recommend adding a rum you can actually taste to your mojito.
Mount Gay Eclipse
Mount Gay’s silver Eclipse variety is worth mentioning for its full body of flavor that offers the sweetness of bananas to your mojito, without a harsh edge. This rum does have a slight burning sensation, but provides a fruity kick in a pinch.