A bottle of almond milk
16 Almond Milk Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
16. Blue Diamond
Almond Breeze pleasantly tastes like almonds and comes in several flavors. Despite containing no additives or artificial colors, it's too watery.
15. SO Delicious
While this almond milk's flavor is pretty spot-on, the texture is far too thin, making it better suited for baking than adding to a cup of coffee.
14. Member’s Mark
This Sam's Club brand is incredibly thick and has a difficult-to-identify smell that makes it both unappealing and unappetizing to some.
13. Natura
Natura's many flavors of almond milk taste like almonds, as they should, but the flavor lingers too long. Those seeking a simple, lighter version should skip this one.
12. Mooala
The texture of this unsweetened almond milk misses the mark. It also seems that Mooala didn't prioritize the taste of their almond milk because it falls short.