Can of blueberry pie filling behind a dish of vanilla ice cream with blueberries
16 Absolute Best Ways To Use Canned Pie Filling
Bubble Up Dessert
A bubble up dessert is a hybrid between bread pudding and cobbler, with dough made from store-bought biscuits coated in fruit filling, cinnamon, sugar, and spice.
They taste great topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. You can infuse your bubble up dessert with a range of canned pie fillings, from apple to classic Southern peach.
Fruity Oats
Amp up overnight oats by adding canned pie filling. Since pie filling is naturally hyper-sweet, you'll want to tone down any other sugary elements so it isn't cloying.
You can also mix in some contrasting flavors, like a bit of lemon juice or zest, which does a particularly good job of balancing out blueberry pie filling.
Cheesecake Toppings
Canned pie filling can help you coat your cheesecake in a syrupy, fruity garnish. Simply pop the can open and drizzle it on your cake.
You only need a small serving to add a ton of flavor to your pie. Strawberry pie filling is the classic choice, but you can also experiment with a mixed berry, apple, and cherry.
Texas Pie
Canned pie filling can elevate the fruity Texas pie, which consists of a fruity base, sprinkled with boxed cake mix, pecans, coconut, and melted butter.
It's like a cobbler or a dump cake with a Texas twist. Many Texans stick to equal parts cherry pie filling and canned crushed pineapple, but you can explore other options, too.
Canned pie filling and cake mix are all you need for a delicious cobbler. Simply add the fruity mixture to the bottom of a baking tray, then pour dry cake mix over it.
Finish it with a layer of melted butter or butter pats, stick it in the oven, and bake it. Don't stir the mixture, as any manipulation can disrupt a cobbler's crunchy, bready top.