A Jersey Mike's storefront with outside seating
15 Well-Known Jersey Mike's Subs, Ranked
15. Tuna Fish
This disappointing sub has an intense fishy taste similar to seafood paste that's gone bad. The filling's texture isn’t any better, with way too much gloppy mayo.
14. The Veggie
The Veggie is a rather uninspired vegetarian sub. The sandwich has a good amount of provolone cheese, but the plain raw veggies and oil and vinegar dressing are underwhelming.
13. Ham & Provolone
This sandwich comes with a generous serving of ham, but the meat is pretty bland, and there’s not much else going on besides a few slices of equally lame provolone cheese.
12. Stickball Special
The Stickball Special is basically a Ham and Provolone with the addition of salami, but not a big portion, so it's not better or more exciting beyond a bit of extra saltiness.
11. Number Four
The Italian ham called prosciuttini accompanies cappacuolo in this sub, but the two meats taste indistinguishable from Jersey Mike's ham, making for another bland sandwich.