Frozen broccoli florets on a plate.
15 Ways To Give Frozen Broccoli A Blast Of Flavor
Roast It
Even without any seasoning, roasting frozen broccoli can be a simple way to add flavor due to the oven's crispy, charred effect.
Dump the broccoli right onto a sheet pan, then roast at a high temperature for 15 minutes. Don't give them time to thaw, as this can mess with the texture of the roasted broccoli.
Soy Sauce
Soy sauce is an excellent way to give frozen broccoli a salty, umami addition. It has a strong salty taste, so you don't have to drench the broccoli to give it flavor.
Boil In Broth
Boil broccoli in broth to enhance the taste by getting broth stock to a boiling point, reduce the heat, and then drop in your desired amount of broccoli.
Leave the broth as is, or include additional seasoning. Poke the broccoli with a fork to determine if it's tender; time will vary based on how big the florets are.
Zest Of Lemon
Roasted broccoli and lemon zest are a refreshing way to cook and brighten up your frozen green veggie with a citrus twist.
Mix high-heat oil, salt, and lemon zest with the broccoli and bake on a baking sheet. Using the lemon zest for this dish gives it a more concentrated and less liquid seasoning.
Grated Parmesan
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese has a complex taste that's usually a bit nutty and sharp, which makes a mouthwatering umami addition to the broccoli.
When roasting, pan frying, or air frying the veggie, add the Parmesan cheese on top during the cooking process. Allow it to melt and get slightly brown and crispy.