Grilled burger with cheddar cheese over it
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15 Underrated Cheeses You Should Be Melting On Top Of Burgers This Summer
Humboldt Fog
For a gourmet spin on your burger, try topping it off with the award-winning cheese, Humboldt Fog, which has a fudgy texture and earthy, tangy flavor. Humboldt Fog pairs well with beef as well as less common turkey and pork burgers, and to finish it off pair it with walnuts, cranberry sauce, honey, or fig spread.
Since it’s a sheep’s milk cheese with higher butterfat and protein levels, halloumi doesn’t melt but instead keeps its structural integrity, adding another layer of richness to your burger with its deliciously salty flavor. Try grilling your halloumi alongside your patty and top with crunchy veggies and a squeeze of lemon.
Manchego is often found as a tapa in Spanish restaurants, but it's also just at home on top of your burger with its nutty, salty flavor. Since it’s a sheep’s milk cheese like halloumi, it doesn’t melt in an ooey gooey way, so shave it thinly atop your patty, and top with peppery arugula, crunchy raw onion, and a drizzle of chili oil.
Gruyère is one of those cheeses that can truly blanket a patty in a melty, cheesy waterfall, making it perfect for a burger. Although it’s often passed up in favor of its close cousin Swiss cheese, Gruyère boasts much more nuance, with fruity, grassy, and nutty notes that pair well with onions whether caramelized or pickled.
Although not as popular as other French cheeses, Comté is a truly unique cheese that boasts a nutty aroma, a toasty flavor, and a suppleness not always found in hard cheese. When adding Comté to a burger, choose a younger wheel, aged around four months, for a meltier experience, and top with Dijon mustard.