A fried egg in a pan, against a yellow background.
15 Tips You Need When Cooking Fried Egg Sandwiches
1. Have Everything Ready
The secret rule in well-managed kitchens that home cooks should know is all about having your things in order before starting a recipe.
You’ll want the toast freshly toasted, eggs brought to room temperature, and all hot ingredients ready to use when it’s time to start assembling your fried egg sandwich.
2. Quality Eggs
For the highest quality, buy eggs directly from a farm. Chickens that can roam produce tastier eggs than chickens who live in cages their entire lives.
When you purchase your dozen, consider buying from a local farm — or at the very least, search for a AA grade stamp and something that says pasture-raised on the carton.
3. Room Temp
Cold eggs can cook unevenly, while eggs left at room temperature will result in a more uniform mixture and create fluffier scrambles.
Bring your eggs to room temperature, which can take up to two hours. Let them sit in a warm bowl of water for about five minutes before you get cooking.
4. Proteins
Besides bacon, sausage, and ham, you can enjoy proteins on your fried sandwiches like slices of leftover ribeye steak. Add sautéed onions and peppers for a Philly twist.
Try adding Lox or French Canadian cretons, which is a minced pork pâté. A few spoons of crispy corned beef can give your sandwich a massive oomph of flavor.
5. Cheese Selection
Beyond the basic cheese selections like cheddar, experiment with cheeses like Gouda, which has a gooey texture, or Brie, which has a butter-soft surface.
For a bolder flavor, try tangy feta or goat cheese. Monterey Jack and Colby-Jack are both mild, but if you want some spice, go for Pepper Jack instead.