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15 Tennessee Whiskey Brands, Ranked
15. Daddy Rack
Daddy Rack uses the Lincoln County Process. It has a reputation for being distinctive, but its distillery is limited in its range of products and availability.
Daddy Rack uses high-quality local ingredients to form its mash bill of 80% corn, 10% rye, and 10% malted barley. It uses sour mash for fermentation, adding to its robust flavor.
14. Old Dominick
Old Dominick is a fantastic distillery established in Memphis in 1866. A wide selection of bourbon and other spirits make it one of the best producers in the state.
It produces a pair of authentic Tennessee whiskeys (Straight and Bottled-In-Bond) made via charcoal mellowing and offers a well-rounded drinking experience.
13. Cascade Moon
Cascade Moon merges tradition with innovation with its Tennessee whiskeys. Its selections have a high-rye expression and are tasty with a notable fruity influence.
The 15-year barrel proof is one of its intriguing products. Since it has a rather limited distribution range and is less authentic than some other brands, it ranks lower.
12. Bib & Tucker
Bib & Tucker uses the Lincoln County Process and produces small-batch whiskeys aged for at least six years that are matured in Tennessee and bottled in Kentucky.
It also has a 10-year and 12-year whiskey, which are all smooth and with proofs ranging from 88-99. This pricey brand's mash bill has a 26% rye, giving the spirit depth and warmth.
11. Rollins
Rollins only uses ingredients sourced from Tennessee and finishes and distills entirely in the state. Limitation in its range of whiskeys keeps it from ranking higher.
Rollins makes its spirits in small batches to ensure quality remains high. Whatever the batch, it's characterized by being smooth and sweet with a great depth of flavor.