Pressure cooker
15 Specialty Appliances You Should Consider For Your Kitchen
Rice Cooker
To use these handy machines, all you need to do is simply add rice and water, then sit back while the rice cooks to absolute perfection.
A rice cooker relieves you of the responsibilities of adding the right amount of water or remembering to cover the pot. They do all that work for you.
Bread Maker
Bread makers produce delicious loaves of bread for any occasion. With some creativity and willingness to experiment, there's no shortage of ways to use a bread maker.
When choosing a model, keep in mind these machines can be fairly heavy. To assist your baking efforts, grab a bread maker-specific cookbook to go with your machine.
Ice Cream Machine
This specialty appliance
could be a great investment. There's no limit to the types of flavors, milks, and additions you can utilize to create ice cream at home.
Whatever you put in an ice cream maker will freeze as it interacts with the inner wall of the cold canister, creating
ice cream over time.
Popcorn Machine
This machine will encourage you to experiment with flavors beyond the classic butter option. With so many different flavors, there's no need to restrict yourself.
A popcorn maker is also a great appliance to have on hand if you tend to host a lot of gatherings, as it makes an easy snacking option for guests.
Ice Machine
Obtaining a portable ice maker might be an ideal alternative to creating perfectly shaped cubes for your next batch of cocktails.
There are several different
types of portable ice makers available depending on the ice cube you'd like your specialty appliance to produce.