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15 Rare Bourbons Found At Costco
George T. Stagg
Found in the Malibu Costco in October 2023, George T. Stagg is known for its quality and rich history. It's aged for at least 15 years and has a high proof.
Its dark chocolate and toffee flavors are complemented by leather and tobacco as well as sweeter dried fruits and caramel notes. It has a velvety smoothness and a long finish.
Elijah Craig
Found in Palm Beach Gardens in October 2023, Elijah Craig's Toasted Barrel is a bourbon finished in custom toasted barrels that give it a unique flavor profile.
The process enhances the classical bourbon flavors of vanilla and caramel to create a delightful sweetness that blends well with earthy notes of baking spices and subtle smokiness.
Midwinter Night's Dram
It is a straight rye whiskey blend finished in French oak port barrels that adds to its complex flavors. It was found in Clermont, Florida, in December 2023.
It's a warm whiskey with flavors of warm spices, dried fruit, subtle sweetness, and a hint of mulled wine from the port casks. Its mouthfeel is smooth, and the finish is long.
Barrell Bourbon
Found in Redding, California, Barrell Bourbon New Year 2024 is a high-quality, limited-edition bourbon. Its palate
is dark, and the common bourbon notes are rich.
It also tastes of chocolate, orchard fruits, and oak, while cinnamon and ginger give it plenty of warmth and make it a whiskey unlike any other.
Yellowstone Limited 2023 Edition was uniquely made by finishing it in Tokaji casks. This bourbon gives you a little pepper, along with plenty of sweetness on the palate.
Its more nuanced notes include dried fruits and oranges and its finish is wonderfully warm. One lucky Costco customer found it in Avondale, Arizona in December 2023.