Tortilla chips in bowl with bowls of sauce on the side
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15 Popular Tortilla Chip Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
15. From the Ground Up
From the Ground up cauliflower tortilla chips were expensive at $0.84 an ounce, and their cracker-like texture with an almost rancid aftertaste didn't prove their worth.
14. Siete Grain-Free
Siete chips taste like a hybrid of a potato chip and tortilla chip, and turn to mush in the mouth. They might be good for paleo diets, but not if you want actual tortilla chips.
13. Dean Street
Dean Street's Taco Chips include a spiced coating, but lacked any true taco flavor. At least they're sturdy enough for dipping without breaking, so you can add some actual flavor.
12. Garden of Eatin'
These Garden of Eatin' chips had a corny smell bordering on the edge of rancidness. Though sturdy in texture with a good crunch, their strange flavor and aroma was just too much.
On the Border
On the Border is a more affordable option at around $0.40 per ounce, and tasted average with a slight oily aftertaste. They are sturdy and won’t overpower any kind of salsa or dip.
10. Tostitos
While the brand may be popular, Tostitos round chips had no flavor and broke easily. Tostitos' biggest boon is their variety of flavors, shapes, and styles of tortilla chips.
9. Santitas
Santitas are super affordable at around $0.24 per ounce, but taste off with a flimsy texture. Their overpowering saltiness could work for loaded nachos, but not much else.