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15 Popular Scotch Brands, Ranked
15. Johnnie Walker
All of the signature whiskies in the Johnnie Walker lineup are blended scotches, made by mixing different types of whisky. The price tag of its world-renowned Blue Label is not really justifiable, being blended whisky, but the lower-level Red Label and Black Label expressions are good introductory scotches.
14. Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder is a blended malt whisky, meaning its blend is made up of only single malts. Because it's not based on one single grain, Monkey Shoulder has a well-rounded body that lets its honeyed, smoky, and malty notes stand out even when mixed into a cocktail, so it’s the perfect mixing scotch.
13. Glenmorangie
Glenmorangie is another scotch that is a great introduction to the spirit, and its range of single malts are approachable and pleasant. These whiskies provide a soft texture and fruity, citrus-forward flavor, but their lack of complexity may be boring for scotch drinkers with experienced palates.
12. Glenfiddich
Glenfiddich is a fundamental Highland single malt, and as of 2017, Glenfiddich 12-Year was the world's best-selling single-malt scotch whisky. The brand uses its own private water source, which makes for a distinctly unique flavor that stands out as an example of what a Highland single-malt should taste like.
11. The Glenlivet
Glenlivet is a Speyside scotch, made on the River Spey and set apart from Highland scotches by a certain brine and delicateness. Glenlivet 12-Year is one of the most famous Speyside scotches, and its super-smooth texture and fairly affordable price make it a great introductory scotch for newcomers.