Hard taco with meat, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese
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15 Popular Fast Food Tacos, Ranked Worst To Best
15. Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box taco meat filling has a texture that's been compared to cat food. The tacos are oily, soggy, and hardly tasty, but it's hard to resist the price of 2 for 99 cents.
14. Chronic Tacos
Chronic Tacos' potato taco is a customer favorite and a great option if you like to customize your tacos, but critics say that the salsa lacks bite and the flavors are a bit bland.
13. Taco John's
Taco John's Fried Chicken Taco delivers a delightful Midwestern spin on tacos, and while it’s not the best, the combo of chicken tenders, cheese, and spicy sauce is fun.
12. Taco Time
Taco Time's Fish Baja Taco could use more spice, perhaps from a hot sauce or salsa, but it is a solid middle-of-the-pack choice with crisp fried cod and a slaw-like cabbage mix.
11. Moe's
Moe's Sirloin Steak tacos are unique for including steak, but the chain's DIY approach means that the quality is up to you. Since results vary, Moe’s can only be ranked so high.
10. Baja Fresh
Baja Fresh's Crispy Wahoo Taco with fish and veggies stands out due to their commitment to quality ingredients. It's not perfect, but it is a slightly less guilty indulgence.
9. Del Taco
Del Taco's Grilled Chicken Taco has moist and flavorful grilled chicken and a tasty, creamy mayo-type sauce, but the overall texture is soft without any crunchy ingredients.