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15 Mistakes You've Been Making With Cold Brew Coffee
Confusing Cold Brew and Iced Coffee
Although sometimes served with ice, cold brew is not the same as iced coffee. Iced coffee is made by chilling hot coffee, while cold brew is made by steeping coffee in cold water.
Since there is no hot element, cold brew takes much more time to infuse, resulting in a sweet, aromatic brew with much less acidity and a milder flavor than iced or hot coffee.
Choosing the Wrong Pre-Made Cold Brew
Since cold brew has become much more popular in recent years, some brands are filling the market with a plethora of pre-made options, but not all cold brews are created equal.
If you’re going to buy pre-made, it’s worthwhile to do research into cost versus quality, but as a quick guide, some of the best brands are Bizzy Coffee and Wandering Bear.
Improper Storage
Given its name, it should be fairly obvious that cold brew is meant to be stored in the fridge and enjoyed cold, which not only ensures a better flavor but extends its life span.
In the fridge, cold brew can last up to two weeks. When left out on the counter, it’s only good for about two days and can develop a stale taste, unpleasant odor, and even mold.
Nitro Cold Brew Etiquette
Nitro cold brew is cold brew infused with nitrogen gas for a creamy flavor and silky texture, but since it’s slightly different from cold brew, it should be served differently.
When serving nitro cold brew at home, shake it before serving to move the nitrogen bubbles around for a foamier drink, and skip out on ice to enjoy the full frothy texture.
Using Improper Beans
To make cold brew at home, start with good coffee beans. Shoot for a low-acid bean in a medium or dark roast, which will have deeper flavors that complement the cold brew process.
You can even combine beans, like the Little Waves Coffee Roasters brand, which uses a blend of two Mexican coffees. Avoid lighter roasts, as their flavors will become muddled.