Starbucks drinks from South Korea
15 Menu Items From Starbucks South Korea We Wish We Had In The US
White Taro Latte
This beverage presents a creamy white appearance, accompanied by a flavor like black bean milk. It has a satisfying flavor, with richness and depth.
Iced Black Tea
This blend is made with a robust black tea base and then infused with grapefruit and honey. The mix of ingredients creates an enticing balance.
Jeju Bijarim Forest
The drink encapsulates the essence of the Bijarim Forest in Jeju. It has a layer of cold brew and a layer of matcha, with white milk in between.
Yeosu Cold Brew
This drink mimics the characteristics of Korea’s Yeosu Sea and features blue sprinkles on top. It also has an inviting and distinctive flavor.
Lavender Café Breve
This beverage is infused with lavender syrup and is offered at South Korea’s Starbucks Reserve locations, where it's prepared with their Reserve espresso.