Stack of cannoli
15 Items You'll Frequently Find At An Old School NYC Italian Bakery
Rainbow Cookies
Popular during the Christmas season, these colorful chocolate-dipped cookies are more like an almond cake flavored with rum and held together by apricot or raspberry jam.
A classic Sicilian pastry, cannoli are fried tubes of dough with a sweet ricotta cheese filling, and they may also include nuts, chocolate chips, candied fruit, and more.
Italian Cheesecake
Instead of cream cheese, Italian cheesecake uses ricotta and mascarpone, giving it an airy creaminess. It may or may not have a crust and can be flavored with lemon and almonds.
Napoleons consist of layers of flaky pastry with cream in between, topped with chocolate. Though this treat may come from France, Italian versions add almond paste to the cream.
Italian Butter Cookies
Rich and crispy Italian butter cookies come in many varieties. Some are sandwiched with jam and others are dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, but all are satisfying and delicious.