Open can of green beans surrounded by ingredients like butter, pesto, stock, and nuts
15 Ingredients That Amp Up The Flavor Of Canned Green Beans
Cheese will elevate canned green beans with great ease, and there's no particular cheese that is bad to incorporate. You can even use cream cheese.
Classic mozzarella can give green beans a stringy look with a nice cheese pull, while freshly grated Parmesan can provide a salty factor that can also enhance their look.
Butter is another classic addition to elevate dishes, and it pairs well with green beans, whether you use a classic salt butter or create an herb compound butter.
Cook the beans in the butter, whether frying or baking, to allow the butter to melt and thoroughly mix in with the green beans, imparting a rich flavor.
Seasoned Flour
For a truly unique eating experience, coat your green beans in a batter of seasoned flour and deep fry them until golden and crispy.
Match your batter to your tastes or take inspiration from classic fried chicken batter. Once fried, they make a crunchy, scrumptious side dish that pairs well with almost anything.
Garlic is a great way to amp up the flavor of savory foods like green beans. Its flavor is more pungent when raw and mellowed out when cooked.
For an even mellower taste and nutty aroma, pair your green beans with roasted garlic by mashing the garlic into a paste before mixing it in.
Vinegar might seem like a better pair for fish and chips instead of green beans, but it’s perfect for pickling the veggie into a briny, tangy snack.
Give your canned green beans a quick pickle with white or apple cider vinegar, and then enjoy them as a zesty component on a charcuterie board.