App icons of various fast food brand apps
15 Fast Food Loyalty Apps, Ranked Worst To Best
15. Jimmy Johns
Jimmy Johns' loyalty app has an issue regarding points allocation. Instead of a spend-based system, the points are allocated based on the number of transactions.
Though the app sometimes offers minor rewards at random, the reward you're redeeming is also random. You could win something disappointing like a cookie or some drink.
14. Subway
Subway's app doesn't have good offers and its franchisees tend not to opt into those offers anyway. You also get just around 5% back as a reward, which isn't enough.
The app abruptly logs you out and does not let you log back in; if you do get in, it's slow, crashes often, and is generally unreliable. The user interface is also awful.
13. Jersey Mike's
Jersey Mike's loyalty app seems to tie points to total spending, but the number of transactions may also play a part. You must spend a lot to see the benefits.
There aren't enough offers, and the rewards redeemable are also limited to just three types of sandwiches. However, there are no reliability issues with the app.
12. McDonald's
Unless you're willing to overspend, McDonald's app is a must-have. The app has daily deals with a good variation, and most offer a nice discount on the menu price.
It feels like the cost after the discount is the price at which a McDonald's meal should be sold in the first place. Additionally, the app is unreliable and has an awful interface.
11. Domino's
Usual offers on Domino's app include combos, discounts, and bundle-style coupons that could get several pizzas for a reduced price, but deals vary from store to store.
Rewards are order-based, so spending more than $5 gets you 10 points. Occasionally, you'll get a special redemption offer that offers a reward item at a reduced point cost.