Vanilla Creme Cookies and Milkshake
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15 Fast Food Ice Cream Treats, Ranked Worst To Best
Carl’s Jr.
There aren’t many vanilla shakes out there that anyone would deem life-changing, but Carl’s Jr.’s Vanilla Shake is particularly bland. It’s certainly creamy, but doesn’t have the complexity you’d expect from even a smidgen of real vanilla extract, so you’re left with a one-note sweetness that gets old quickly.
The Dr. Pepper Shake from Whataburger is a fan favorite, but some may find that the lack of carbonation takes away from the Dr. Pepper taste. You’re not really met with the sensation of drinking a creamy Dr. Pepper, since the vanilla ice cream makes the shake taste like something else entirely.
Shake Shack
Shake Shack’s Chocolate Churro Shake is built on a churro-flavored custard, but the ice cream tastes more vaguely sweet than like actual churros. The spiced dark chocolate sauce and waffle crumbles keep the shake from feeling too one-note, but the lack of churro flavor leaves something to be desired.
Burger King
Oreo shakes show up on many fast food restaurant menus, and they're usually a safe choice. Burger King’s Oreo Shake is nice, but tends to have smaller Oreo pieces compared to shakes from other chains, which may deter those who like seriously big cookie chunks to go with their vanilla ice cream.
Wendy’s doesn’t offer a ton of ice cream treats, with its signature Frosty coming in just two flavors: standard vanilla and chocolate. While the Vanilla Frosty is pretty boring, the Chocolate Frosty delivers a subdued chocolate taste that won’t make you feel like you’ve eaten too much just a few bites in.