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15 Dishes That Define Thanksgiving In Puerto Rico
Thanksgiving may conjure images of turkey and mashed potatoes, but in Puerto Rico, they do things a bit differently, starting with amarillos — sweet, fried plantains.
Also known as maduros, this sweet appetizer is made of super ripe plantains that are sliced, sometimes dipped in cinnamon and sugar, and fried until caramelized.
Tostones are another popular Puerto Rican plantain dish, made with unripe green plantains that are thinly sliced and twice-fried until super crispy.
Tostones develop a delicious crunchy consistency when fried because they are thinner than amarillos. You want to cook them until they are nice and golden brown.
Puerto Rican pasteles are similar to Mexican tamales, but instead of a corn husk wrapper, they're wrapped in a banana leaf before steaming.
Typically, the filling is a savory mixture of pork with sofrito, vinegar, capers, and sazón piled into Puerto Rican masa made of green plantains and root vegetables.
Ensalada De Papa
Although it shares a name and a few ingredients with potato salad, Puerto Rican ensalada de papa has a unique fruity addition: apples.
The apples add a crisp, sweet dimension to the creamy, tangy salad, breaking up the heavy mayo dressing with a welcome refreshing crunch.
Arroz Con Gandules
Arroz con gandules is the Puerto Rican take on humble beans and rice, made with rice and gandules, also called pigeon peas, and sofrito seasoning.
Sofrito is made with cilantro, culantro, aji dulce peppers, and annatto seeds. Occasionally, pork and green olives are added to arroz con gandules for extra oomph.