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15 Coffee Creamer Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
15. Splenda
Splenda is best known for its zero carbs and zero calories sugar alternative, but they make coffee creamer as well. Their creamers — which come in French vanilla, hazelnut, and sweet cream — are perfect for those who are conscious about their sugar intake, as they use the same ingredients as their sugar alternative.
14. Almond Breeze
Almond milk is one of the best non-dairy milk alternatives, and Almond Breeze has become one of the most popular brands. The brand is comfortably established enough to get wild with its new creations, and it's worth trying out its coffee creamers in vanilla, sweet crème, and caramel flavors.
13. Market Pantry
Target’s Market Pantry line is known for being less expensive than name-brand options, and their shelf-stable creamers are no different. There are only two flavors available — French vanilla and original — but if you’re looking for something nice and mild, this is the way to go.
12. Nutpods
Nutpods is a newer line of plant-based creamers that steadily gained popularity and appeared on more grocery store shelves. They come in mini cartons (pods) in various sizes and from different nuts, and some of the flavors, such as coffee cake and cookie butter, are truly attention-grabbing.
11. So Delicious
So Delicious has quietly been serving up dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO desserts and beverages for 30 years, and it’s an excellent choice for both the dairy-conscious and planet-conscious. Their coffee creamer is made from oat milk or coconut milk flavors, such as creamy vanilla oat milk and caramel coconut milk.