Wooden spoon of scrambled eggs
15 Clever Ways To Give Your Scrambled Eggs A Remix
Make A Grilled Cheese
Scrambled eggs are a go-to breakfast, but if your morning needs a bit of excitement, consider turning scrambled eggs into a simple, satisfying grilled cheese.
All you need to do is scramble your eggs and then build your sandwich in the same pan. The result will be a satisfying breakfast with creamy eggs, gooey cheese, and crispy bread.
Deep Fry Them
Deep-fried scrambled eggs are a popular Indonesian street food known as telur gulung, which you can make at home surprisingly easily.
Whisk your eggs and then pour a bit at a time into sizzling hot oil, using a utensil to keep the eggs together. The result will have a soft, tender inside with a crispy outside.
Poach Them
Poached scrambled eggs might sound like a contradiction, but it’s quite easy to do — just whisk together your eggs and cook them in simmering water.
Create a whirlpool in your water and pour the eggs in. Let them cook for a few minutes with the lid on and heat off, and then enjoy their soft, fluffy texture.
Breakfast Scramble
Scrambled eggs are great on their own, but they also make an excellent base for additional ingredients to create a flavorful breakfast scramble.
You can add meat, cheese, veggies, potatoes, or any other leftovers you may have. These additions add flavor, texture, and body to create a hearty, tasty meal.
Hong Kong-Style
It’s hard to get a perfect texture with scrambled eggs, so take a tip from Hong Kong-style scrambled eggs, which incorporate potato starch for a creamy texture.
Make a slurry of potato starch and water to add to the beaten eggs. The starch helps the eggs emulsify better and keep their moisture for a velvety, custard-like consistency.