Two glasses of boba on coasters
15 Boba Flavors Ranked From Worst To Best
15. Strawberry Milk Tea
While this drink is aesthetically pleasing, the strawberry's natural flavor gets lost in the syrupy sweetness. It's reminiscent of Strawberry Nesquik.
14. Coffee
Coffee and tea may sound like a great combination, but the refreshing, quenching sensation of the iced tea is utterly negated by the stark bitterness of the coffee.
13. Red Bean
This iconic and familiar flavor option is a nice alternative to hyper-sweet flavors, but it might also be too subtle. It’s not the prettiest beverage, either.
12. Lychee
Lychee boba has a sweet and lovely fragrance and is lightly tart and floral, with just a hint of grape. However, it can be a tad too tame, like an unsweetened iced tea.
11. Black Sesame
While the creaminess shines through in a black sesame boba, the flavors diverge. Instead of sweet cocoa, black sesame is more nutty, toasty, and mildly savory.