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15 Best Scotch Whiskies Of 2023
1. Distiller's Edition 2023
Talisker Distiller's Edition follows the distillery's two-part maturation method to give the scotch whisky more depth and complexity.
The Distiller's Edition is charred and re-charred in oak barrels during this process, which provides the spirit with a rich amber appearance and robust notes.
2. Cask Strength
The fourth iteration of Highland Park's Cask Strength series brings a robust whisky, combining a mix of sherry, bourbon, and port casks.
This 64.3% ABV whisky needs a little water to bring out light char and floral notes. Its earthy notes and pepper dominate the long finish for an impressive Scotch.
3. Glenmorangie 15-Year
Utilizing the tallest pot stills in Scotland, Glenmorangie's 15-year Scotch has a wide array of aromas on the nose, such as fruits, vanilla, and caramel.
At 43% ABV, it's a whisky you can drink straight, but a splash of water or ice will release even more aromas, like its notes of almonds and hazelnuts.
4. Roseisle 12-Year
The Roseisle 12-year expression is made exclusively in bourbon casks and brings high levels of a vanilla aroma, honey, and coconut.
Despite its 56.5% ABV, the whisky is creamy and has a sweet aroma. This Scotch is gentle and smooth but offers a peppery kick.
5. Glen Grant 21-Year
Created in Speyside, the Glen Grant 21-year is matured in both bourbon and oloroso sherry casks to give it a unique blend of flavors.
The Glen Grant 21-year provides a smooth drink that showcases the sweetness and the kick you'll get from cinnamon and nutmeg.