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15 Best Drinks To Mix With Sprite, Ranked
15. Beer
Mixing Sprite with lager beer can make for a refreshingly light sip, with hints of lemon and lime that go down easy. However, if you're a beer fan, this might not be your jam, and all in all, we consider this our least favorite option when it comes to the best drinks to mix with Sprite.
14. Tea
Throwing some Sprite into the mix can add a new and fun flavor to your favorite tea combination, not to mention a little zesty zip for the summertime months. Many people like tea because it's typically a healthier option than soda, though, and because of that, we put this combo near the bottom of our ranking.
13. White Rum
You may not necessarily think to combine rum with Sprite, but you can and probably should. All you need to do is pour white rum over ice and top it off with the soda before stirring and adding some lime for garnish for an easy take on a refreshing rum cocktail without a lot of ingredients.
12. Orange Juice
Adding Sprite to your glass of orange juice can make for a really bubbly drink without actually adding the bubbly. Simply mix the soda with chilled orange juice and pour it into your favorite champagne flutes to get all the fancy feels without the horrible hangover the next day.
11. Whiskey
We know it might not sound as sophisticated as a Manhattan, but the taste of Sprite and whiskey just might surprise you, making for an invigorating drink you'll likely want to enjoy all year round. All you need is whiskey, Sprite, ice, and an optional lime wedge to make this drink come together.