A french press with a mug of coffee and a jar of sugar.
14 Ways Your French Press Works Outside Of Making Coffee
Steeping Tea
French presses are valuable tools for making coffee, but the appliance can also be put to good use in other ways, like steeping tea.
If you have loose-leaf tea, stick it in your French press to brew. The French press will strain out the leaves and let you make large batches of tea at a time.
Frothing Milk
Since a French press is essentially the same as a hand pump frother, you can use it to froth your milk without buying a new tool or cluttering your kitchen.
Pour milk into the French press, making sure not to fill it more than halfway since the milk will double in size as it froths. Then, put the lid on and pump until frothy.
Mixing Cocktails
French presses may not be traditional bartender tools, but they can be used to strain, infuse, and froth, making them valuable tools for mixing cocktails.
Since French presses are often made of glass, avoid using it to muddle anything. Otherwise, you're free to make sangria, mojitos, or any of your other favorite cocktails.
Infusing Drinks And Oils
Aside from cocktails, French presses are useful for infusing nonalcoholic drinks and mocktails with fresh flavors such as cucumber, lemon, and berries.
You can also use a French press to infuse oils with herbs and spices. Just add oil and your herbs to the French press and let it rest in the fridge for a few days.
Straining Stock
Homemade stock can elevate your soup, and you can put a French press to good use straining that stock before you use it.
Pour your stock into the French press in batches and use the plunger to filter out any leftover bits until you have a clear, flavorful broth.