YETI drinkware
14 Types Of YETI Drinkware, Ranked
4-Ounce Stackable Cups
These cups come in a pack of two, don't have lids, and are small enough to fit under an espresso machine, but a YETI just for espresso seems a bit outrageous.
10-Ounce Lowball Tumbler
These Ramblers are designed for cocktails but can also be used for normal drinks. They have a stackable element on the bottom and a magnetic slider lid.
It is a rather practical mug due to double-walled insulation, but the primary limitation of this drinkware is its small size, which can't be used for large quantities of liquid.
Bottle With Straw Cap
The bottles come in 12-ounce, 18-ounce, and 26-ounce options and feature a built-in straw with the same comfortable handle as many YETI products.
This bottle has a leak-proof lid and keeps your water cold. However, putting hot, carbonated, or pulpy drinks into the bottle is not recommended because it could damage the straw.
Rambler Water Jug
This water jug is made for the wild. The bottle features a MagCap for pouring and a comfortable handle, but it isn't recommended for food or carbonated drinks.
The cost is much more than other YETI drinkware, and it's rather heavy, weighing more than four pounds empty. It's practical for camping but isn't a great investment otherwise.
64-Ounce Bottle
The water bottle is large enough to hold a day's supply of water but is not so obtrusive that you can't take it with you on the go.
It has a no-slip exterior, insulation technology to ensure your beverages stay cold, and a chug cap that allows you to sip confidently without worrying about water spilling.