Chicken pot pie decorated with a pastry star
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14 Tips For Making The Best Chicken Pot Pie
Follow A Good Recipe
Any sort of pie can be hard to tackle. If you're not following a family recipe, pick one from the internet with an instruction video and take notes to ensure success next time too.
Find Fresh, Quality Ingredients
Most pot pie recipes require a small number of ingredients, so making each item high-quality is essential. Use the freshest chicken and vegetables possible for the best flavor.
Use The Whole Chicken
For a rich flavor, use the whole chicken to make a stock for your filling, and use both the light and dark meat. Crispy roast chicken skin can even be used to garnish the pie.
Herbs Can Go Anywhere
Fresh herbs like thyme, parsley, sage, and chives are great add-ins for the filling or pastry dough. They can also be used to garnish for aesthetic value and flavor.
Choose Mushrooms For Umami
Whether you cook mushroom stems in the stock, use them as a main veggie, or add a pinch of mushroom powder to the filling, these fungi will always amp up a pot pie's savory factor.