Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup on the table
14 Store-Bought Tomato Soups, Ranked
14. Campbell's Bisque
Campbell's tomato bisque is a richer version of its tomato soup but tastes more like fruit juice. It has a delectable smell, but the color feels artificial.
It has a sweet, chemical taste, with each half-cup containing 11 grams of added sugars and 870 milligrams of sodium. It became too thin when mixed with a can of water as directed.
13. Oat Milk Soup
While Pacific Foods Tomato Oat Milk Soup is organic, has no saturated fat, and has less sodium than other brands, it lacks flavor, even compared to vegan soups.
It also has a lack of taste and a strange astringent flavor that makes it difficult to finish eating. It's probably best to use this brand of tomato soup for cooking.
12. Campbell's Soup
Campbell's Tomato Soup fared a little better than its tomato bisque, but it has still ranked lower due to its overall cheap taste and suspicious-looking hue.
Like the tomato bisque, this soup was too thin when mixed with a can of water per directions. Even its nostalgic value and low price doesn't make up for the lack of flavor.
11. Tomato Basil
Progresso Tomato Basil soup departs from a strict tomato taste. The dark basil specks add visual contrast and a herby flavor, but the taste is still lackluster.
Its punchy undertone is marginally better than other brands and the base is slightly creamy and a likable deep red, but it's a bit too sweet and tastes more like tomato sauce.
10. Creamy Tomato
Pacific Foods Creamy Tomato soup has a smooth, creamy texture and a vivid orange color. It's light in sodium, with only 340 milligrams per cup serving.
It has a lower ranking due to its strong taste of milk or cream coming from its reduced-fat milk ingredient, which is so overwhelming it overshadows the tomato part of the soup.