Two beaf steack packaged for supermarket sale isolated on white background
14 Popular Chain Grocery Stores To Get Meat, Ranked From Worst To Best
14. Target
The quality of Target's meat is on par with most other stores, but they always have a small selection with no on-site butcher, so everything is pre-packaged and in no way special.
13. Trader Joe's
The meat at Trader Joe’s is great, but like Target, there's a very small selection. It's also hard to track the company's sources, which is concerning when it comes to meat.
12. Walmart
Walmart has a large selection, but it’s not always easy to track where the meat is from, and meat aficionados will find no specialty cuts or fancy dry-aged, grain-finished options.
11. Meijer
Though its meats aren't unique, Meijer has a wide selection and an “Animal Welfare" pledge for a higher quality of freshness. Their meat is also freshly cut and displayed daily.
10. Costco
As a bulk store, Costco buys a lot of meat at once, and you get to reap the savings. Some stores even sell meat from around the world, but specialty cuts are difficult to find.