Chick-Fil-A drive through window
14 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Ordering At Chick-Fil-A
Going on Sunday
Despite a nationwide presence, Chick-fil-A has strong Southern Baptist religious roots due to its founder Truett Cathy, who closed the stores every Sunday.
This means that all Chick-fil-A locations are closed on Sundays, even in typically 24-hour settings like airports and gas stations, so plan to stop by a different day.
Waiting in Line
Chick-fil-A consistently draws a crowd, and before the COVID-19 pandemic, the chain had some of the longest drive-thru wait times in the country.
Luckily, you can skip the line thanks to the restaurant’s app which allows you to drive through the extra "Mobile Thru" lane and quickly pick up your order.
Neglecting Sauce
Chick-fil-A staff are diligent about asking customers what kind and how much sauce they want because it’s an integral part of the flavors Chick-fil-A has to offer.
With seven unique sauces on offer from fan-favorite Polynesian sauce to its sweet, smoky, tangy signature sauce, there’s sure to be a sauce you like.
Overlooking Grilled Chicken
While the restaurant chain’s fried chicken sandwiches and nuggets are a mainstay, you’d be missing out if you didn’t try the grilled chicken as well.
The grilled chicken consists of succulent all-white meat in a delicious lemon-herb marinade, making it a just-as-delicious but much healthier option.
Prioritizing Fries
Waffle fries are a standard Chick-fil-A side, but there are many other sides on offer from chicken noodle soup to a kale crunch salad.
However, the best side may be the chain’s mac and cheese, which is made with a creamy blend of cheddar, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses baked to form a crispy crust.