Soybeans and sliced tofu on the table
14 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Tofu
Not Seasoning
Seasoning tofu properly is probably the most crucial step in its preparation. Since it lacks much flavor, you need to infuse it with flavor from other ingredients.
You can make an oil-based marinade if you're air-frying the tofu or use dry seasonings if you're roasting it. Don't be afraid to play around with different flavor combinations.
Wrong Tofu
Different recipes call for different types of tofu, so understand the differences. To make crispy tofu, opt for firm or super firm sorts that can hold up to high heat.
Other recipes will call for silken tofu, which has a smooth, silky texture. This variety will generally not work well in roasted or fried tofu dishes.
Meat Substitute
Tofu is more than a vegetarian-friendly meat stand-in. You can easily find recipes where it is used as a standalone protein or alongside eggs or meat.
For example, mapo tofu is a Chinese dish featuring braised tofu pieces and ground pork. Once you see how tofu is used in various dishes, you can use it better in your recipes.
Low Salt
Salt is crucial in most neutral-tasting foods, including tofu. Drain the water from the tofu container and sprinkle salt generously on it to remove the remaining moisture.
Put it in the fridge for several hours and scrape off all the salt before cooking. Add salt or salty sauces like soy or teriyaki sauce when you add another ingredient to the pan.
Not Using Yeast
Nutritional yeast, which has an intense savory, almost cheesy flavor, can be infused into tofu. Using it to make crunchy tofu adds to that crispness you want.
Sprinkle a generous amount of the yeast on the tofu and put it into the oven or air fryer to get crisp, brown, and savory tofu cubes. You can add more yeast even after it's cooked.