a multi-colored and machta Starbucks drink
14 Limited-Time Starbucks Drinks We Never Want To See Again
Strawberry Funnel Cake
Despite initial excitement from fans, the Strawberry Creme Frappuccino was disappointing with its funnel cake syrup, strawberry puree, and funnel cake pieces.
Protein Blended Cold Brew
This drink — containing cold brew, almond or coconut milk, Starbucks protein mix, and almond butter — flopped due to being too sour and thick.
Witch’s Brew Frap
This Frappuccino didn't look or taste great. Its biggest downfall was the addition of layered chia seeds, which were slimy and clogged the texture.
Salted Honey Cold Foam
The flavor of the foam didn’t live up to expectations because the salty flavor was so overwhelming. It was made with honey syrup and a packet or two of salt.
Tie-Dye Frap
This Frappuccino looked like a dream, but it tasted like banana Laffy Taffy with a soapy aftertaste. It was also very hard to make, so baristas hated it.