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14 Jack Daniel's Whiskeys, Ranked
Tennessee Travelers
Jack Daniel's whiskey comes in many varieties, but the Tennessee Travelers variants called Sweet & Oaky and Bold & Spicy aren’t available in the United States. Americans aren't missing out on much, since the Sweet variation is nothing but sweet and the Bold variant tastes of Circus Peanuts candy.
Single Barrel 100 Proof
This Jack Daniel's variety is also only available at duty-free shops, and it is indeed 100 proof, a strength that is an acquired taste. Many say that this whiskey also has a strong sweetness that is just way too much coupled with the punch of alcohol, so it's not worth it even if you're seeking some Jack that's hard to find.
Tennessee Fire
Tennessee Fire is Jack Daniel’s response to Fireball, and it unsurprisingly tastes like lots of cinnamon, which lingers long after you sip it. Though it is spicier than Fireball, it’s a cinnamon whiskey liqueur that isn't as strong as real whiskey, and the $30-$40 price range for 750ml of a 70 proof bottle is far from worth it.
Tennessee Apple
Jack Daniel's Apple has a tart, green apple flavor that makes it a great fruity cocktail mixer. If you're looking for a bottle of Jack Daniel's that tastes like authentic whiskey, this isn't it, but if you use this product in a whiskey sour or try it with lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, or lemonade, there's no way to go wrong.
Jack Daniel's Sinatra
This bottle was released as a tribute to Frank Sinatra, and while some might be happy to have it Sinatra's way, others complain of an overwhelming flavor that tastes like glue to some palates. At prices from $135 to $200, it's also ridiculously expensive for a whiskey that most people can only handle as a mixer.