Stack of waffles with syrup and butter on a white plate with a fork
14 Frozen Waffles Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
14. Eggo Grab & Go
Eggo’s Liège-Style waffles in Buttery Maple flavor come individually wrapped and do not require toasting. The packages can just be defrosted for an hour.
With 13 grams of added sugar, the waffles taste very sweet. They’re not the best value, coming with only four in a pack, but they can make for a tasty and fast dessert.
13. Banza Blueberry
Unfortunately, these protein waffles are dry and bland, and the blueberry flavor is light and not sweet. They're also pricey, at over $6 for a package of six.
On the upside, Banza's blueberry waffles are perfectly crunchy, whether toasted or pan-fried. The waffles also have excellent nutritional content.
12. Eggo Thick & Fluffy
While these decadent waffles make for a hearty meal, they are very thick and fluffy, which leaves them without the anticipated crunch everyone loves.
The waffles are sweeter than Eggo's Homestyle waffles, but that's normal for Belgian waffles. Unfortunately, their nutritional content isn't the best.
11. Great Value
Great Value’s homestyle waffles are the most affordable on the list, but they have little flavor and are not sweet. When toasted, they are crunchy outside.
However, the crunchy consistency doesn't quite reach the inside. Pan-frying them results in mushy centers that almost taste uncooked.
10. Birch Benders
Birch Benders Carb Friendly waffles are gluten-free, grain-free, and processed in a peanut-free facility. They’re high in fat and also suitable for a keto diet.
These waffles aren't too sweet but have good flavor and a nice crunch. They taste better when cooked in a pan, so if you buy them, make them in a skillet if possible.